Our mission: To bring all people to Christ, to know God’s love.
Theme for 2017: Moving forward with Christ.

Volume ten Issue 9 September 2017

Summer will soon come to an end and fall is quickly approaching. School is back in  session and the weather is showing signs of cooling just a bit. In a few weeks, the trees will be in full color and brisk mornings will once again be the norm. Around the church choir and bells are firing back up, new studies are beginning in Sunday School, and the Learning Steps teachers are decorating and organizing, getting ready to welcome 54 children into the adventures of learning. Yes, fall is quickly approaching. This, however, does not mean summer is over. The days are still longer than the nights and the midday temperatures can still reach into the nineties at times. Summer is still here. We should enjoy the warmth and beauty of it as long as it lasts, while thanking God for the gift of life which summer delivers.

This is an exciting time for many of us as we look forward to the many holidays and other special events which take place over the next few months. However, some of us will soon feel the anxiety rising up in us as the stress of the holidays grows. I have already heard people talking about shopping for Christmas. It seems Christmas season begins earlier every year. Do not get me wrong, I love Christmas, especially in its purer form. However, we need to also make room for other special occasions. Enjoy Christmas, but do not let the commercial override the spiritual. The focus should be on God and fellowship during the coming holiday season.

One of the events which take place this time of year is the Fall Revival. I love revivals. They are opportunities for each of us to reconnect with those times in our lives when we first felt the hand of God upon us. In doing so, we can become revived and re-filled. This year our visiting evangelist will be the Rev. Mark Youngman. Mark serves as the Pastor of Discipleship at  Providence UMC in Mt. Juliet. He is one of those special people who simply oozes spiritual peace. Please be in prayer as
we gear up for this important event in the life of our church.

We will also see the church pulling together in the next couple of months as we hold our annual spaghetti supper and host Hot Dog Love. These events offer the church an opportunity to work together and share our gift of hospitality with the community. Please be in prayer for these events and those who plan them.

Fall is a time when the world around us changes its appearance as the leaves begin to turn colors. It is a time when we see the power of God at work in nature. Yes, there are scientific reasons for the color changes, but you can’t help but see the hand of God at work in the beauty of nature. Let us all take time in the coming weeks to slow down and enjoy the seasonal changes. One of the many nice things about being a child of God is being able to enjoy His presence in nature and appreciate how it
shows His love for us. If all was summer, we would have little rest from the summer chores. If all was winter, we would starve from the lack of food. We need all the seasons as much as the Earth does as they regulate and add variety to our lives. 

Pastor Mark

Prayer Shawl Ministry
Happy Labor Day!

Welcome back to school and fall which is not far away. I hope everyone has enjoyed their summer this year. We plan to start our monthly meetings again on September 14th to get our shawls ready for blessing on September 17th and discuss our 9th year celebration and other items for our future. Please join us to see what we are all about.
During June shawls went to: Lynn McAlilly for the Mama Lynn House in the Republic of the Congo; Sharon Schultz; Allen and Sandra Aucoin (for their daughter, Presley born August 7th. She is Carol Draper’s Great niece.)
During July shawls went to: Anne Irvine; Barbara Bradley
During August shawls went to: Sally Wells; Bruce Barry; Mayor Meghan Barry; John and MaryAnn Davis
These shawls bring the total of shawls given out since September 2008 to: (Are you ready for it?)


We received donations during the three months:
Cash: Jonene Jones and Anonymous
Yarn: Anonymous 9 skeins of yarn and a complete shawl
Marion Casady 5 skeins of yarn
Thank you all so much for these donations.
As you can see during the month of June we sent a shawl to another foreign country. We have sent our shawls to England and The Republic of the Congo. We have also sent shawls to 30 states including Tennessee. Please pray for the people on our prayer list, the people who are suffering from natural disasters, and our service men and women. 
And especially Pastor John!
For God and church we labor.
Carol Draper – Prayer Shawl Committee

We had our Youth Group meeting Sunday, August 27. Officer elections were held and are as follows: President-Brooke Evans, Vice President-Ellison Jackson, Treasurer-Matthew Evans, Secretary-Katie Templeton, and Youth Representative to Administrative Council-Bella Bosley.

The Youth Group will be hosting the October potluck. We will have Soup, Chili, Salad, Bread, and Dessert. We are also planning to host a movie night October 21.
Katie Templeton
Youth Secretary


Revival this year will be held on September 25th thru the 27th Monday – Wednesday) at 7:00 p.m. Our guest evangelist this year will be the Rev. Mark Youngman who currently serves as the Pastor of Discipleship at Providence UMC in Mt. Juliet, TN. We encourage everyone to be in prayer for this year’s revival, asking the Holy Spirit to fill our space and our hearts. Also, make an effort to invite others to come and share in this special time of worship and fellowship.

Learning Steps Preschool

Learning Steps Preschool will start their school year on Wednesday, September 7th, 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM, Mondays and
Wednesdays. Remember the traffic jams around the church on these mornings from 7:30 till 8:00 and the afternoons from 12:15 to 1:10.

SEPTEMBER 29, 2017
4:30 PM TO 6:30 PM
ADULTS $8.00

We will be needing volunteers to help from 3:00 to 5:00 pm and 5:00 to 7:00 pm. Clip boards will start around on September 10 for you to sign up for when you wish to help. There will also be sign-up for baked goods. Baked goods will be needed for sale and for desserts for the supper. We appreciate everyone’s help. If you have items for the silent auction see Ms. Reba. She is in charge of the auction. Please be thinking about how you might help. Also there will be no tickets sold ahead of time this year. You pay at the door.

Website Update

Please visit and bookmark the church website at We are continuing to update and expand this site and love suggestions for improvements. If you take pictures of church events please send them not only to but also to so we can use some of them on the website. 

If you were not able to attend the Bell Ensemble’s performance at the Macon County Fair you can see these on the web page by going to the Serve and Connect page and clicking on the video button. You can also go to the Reflection page and see not only the weekly reflections, monthly newsletters, but also Rev. John Arnold gave us permission to post his inspirational chats on our web page. The button to link to these is on the bottom of the Reflection page. 

Please also remember that Lafayette United Methodist Church has a Facebook page where we post church events and information. 

Fellowship Dinner

Our Fellowship Dinner (potluck) in September will be the 2nd Sunday, September 10th. Please bring a healthy dish and join us in Christian fellowship following the morning service.

Working on the playground!!!


Working on the playground!???


Playground is finished. Thanks to many volunteers working hard to get it ready before Learning Steps returned for the school
year. Be sure to look it over and see all the new additions.


You should start hearing from LUMC choir again, since we are back in session. Our goal is to provide sermon-themed anthems at least once a month and of course music for special events such as revival, All Saints Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. We hope to start out with a slightly larger group this year – six women and four men, so look for some new faces. And as always: if you can carry a tune, like to sing, have fun at 1 hour once a week rehearsals, and don’t mind wearing a robe on Sunday for about 6 months a year, consider joining us. 

Blessing Abound!

The Blessingway for Ellie Greenway-Swiger was a rare gathering of old and new friends. Everyone there shared positive stories…some of their birthing and new baby memories…but all shared prayers, wisdom and great encouragement for the
days ahead for this new family in the making. Ellie is thankful for those blessings and also to those who brought gifts and left anonymous ones in her basket! She is truly touched by and grateful for each of you and your loving support!

“Gift of Love”


Our “Gift of Love” Handbell Choir and Lora Darnell preformed at the Macon County Fair. Lora sang as the bells played and it was wonderful. If you would like to see the performance the video is on our website.

Kids Sing & Ring

The children are scheduled to meet in September on the 10th and the 24th. (Please mark your calendars now….and we’ll always send a text reminder out too.) We have potluck on the 10th and the 24th is another Sack Lunch Sunday.

                         Spaghetti Supper               
  Silent Auction and Bake Sale
   September 29, 2017
4:30 PM to 6:30 PM
Drink & Dessert included
                  Adults $8, Children 12 & under $6                 
Orders to Go also
Lafayette United Methodist Church


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